New Baby Infant Traveler

Top 5 Tips for Baby’s First Caribbean Travel Experience

For many years, traveling has been my favorite way to fill my days. Limin’ on some coastline with a rum in my hand, listening to a soundtrack of West Indian music while allowing the sun to dip into the sea. Or tramping through the bush, marveling at the sounds and displays of Caribbean birds while collecting ripe, fallen mangoes on my way to some exotic location. Or countless other adventures varying widely from safe to undeniably ill-advised. This was what I liked to do more than anything.

Then, along came this guy:

New Baby Infant Traveler
The Baby

The prevailing wisdom said, my life would have to change… And it did. There are now several brightly colored “activity gyms” in my living room. I had to gut my home office converting it into a baby room—replacing my desk with a crib and assorted other baby-centric materials. My uninterrupted nights of sleep have become a fond, but distant memory and the woman with whom I spent so many nights out on the town has a new, demanding guy in her life.

But have you looked at that face above? How could you not want to shower that boy with love?

When it came to the all important subject of traveling, however, I took a slightly unconventional approach. Rather than giving it up, or at least reigning it in, I’m going to give something else a try:

Travel more!

My hope: If I venture out even more, with this new addition in tow, he’ll become more than just mildly comfortable with air, land and sea travel, but actually become a lover of international adventure as much as his “old man.”

As we began planning our three-month-old’s first Caribbean travel experience, there were five tips at the top of my list:

So, to cover tips one and two, we chose St. Martin as our destination. Not only had we just been there six months ago for our babymoon, but it’s a simple, direct flight out of the excellent Terminal 5 at JFK aboard JetBlue. In terms of the actual flight, here are a few more tips:

If you follow these tips, you should end up with a happy baby both here:

New Baby Infant Traveler - Airplane
Happy Baby on a Plane

And here:

New Baby Infant Traveler - Beach
Happy Baby at the Beach

A new arrival doesn’t have to be the end of your life as an avid traveler. So far, with our three-month-old, it just took following a few simple tips to make the whole experience not just doable, but actually a lot of fun.

Good luck!

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