Two Minutes of Bliss on Baie Longue, St. Martin

Two minutes.

It’s not long enough for most things worth experiencing, is it?

The warm embrace of someone special, a favorite meal or libation, even that cherished morning cup of Joe – we squeeze every second of enjoyment out of them all, ensuring that the positive vibes they engender last way beyond a couple measly minutes.

Still, I’m guessing that if you, like me, are stuck behind a desk mired somewhere in “The Real World” today, you’d trade any stretch of your current situation for even the slightest few seconds on Baie Longue.

Easily among the most gorgeously inviting beaches I’ve ever come across on my travels, Baie Longue rests along the southwestern edge of French St. Martin, within shouting distance of the French-Dutch border.

I’m quite sure, though, that no one ever feels compelled to raise their voice much higher than the sound of the soothing waves caressing the pristine sands here. I sure didn’t when I swam ashore at Baie Longue a few weeks ago.

This was stop #1 of a half-day sailing excursion aboard S/V Quality Time. Starting in Philipsburg and ending with lunch in Grand Case, a conveniently short drive from our nice digs at the Riu Palace St. Martin. It was fun for sure, though we weren’t afforded much more than 30 minutes at Baie Longue – not nearly enough time for such a special place.

Thankfully, though, I had my trusty tough camera along, enabling me to capture two minutes of Baie Longue bliss…

Your Monthly Moment of Zen.

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