Pulling Up To Pinel Island, Saint Martin

Pulling Up To Yellow Beach on Pinel Island, Saint Martin

This was the scene the last time I pulled up to Yellow Beach on Pinel Island back in 2016. It was the day after Carnival on the French Side, but for many, the party was still in full swing.

Warm, shallow waters and a jetty sitting just above sea level made for endless hours of fun for the youngest revelers. The older, more weary, however, found refuge in the shaded chaise lounges closer to The Yellow Beach Restaurant. That, of course, was where you could find me mere minutes after disembarking from the Pinel Island Ferry.

There, in the shade, a cold pour of the hair of the dog that bit me well in hand, I watched as the kids kept frolicking. The ferry, too, continued to come and go, always being careful to avoid swimmers. Soon, the Ice Cream Boat Lady happened by, causing even more of a stir. Kayakers, stand-up paddleboarders, and ever more boats steadily filled the waters.

It was chaotic, yes, but also, somehow, it was calming at the same time.

Indeed, there’s a special sort of soothing magic to Yellow Beach. One you’ll most certainly appreciate if you ever happen over here with a hangover.

Wish you were here…?

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