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Inconspicuous Petite Clef Island, St. Martin

She sits hidden in plain sight in the heart of the Baie du Cul-de-Sac, her beauty barely rating a passing glance from most of the fun-seekers en route to better-known pleasure isles like Pinel and Tintamarre nearby.

Uncommon travelers, though, would be wise to give Petite Clef a closer look.

Solely accessible by kayak, standup paddleboard, or swimming, tiny, protected, and completely uninhabited Petite Clef invites all manner of exploration. At the same time, you stay mostly secluded, despite sitting in the middle of one of St. Martin’s most heavily-trafficked bays.

Petite Clef’s virtual invisibility helps to ensure that the coral in her surrounding waters stays healthy, which also ensures you’re sure to encounter abundant marine life here.

A secluded yet convenient tiny islet with great snorkeling?

Yeah, Petite Clef works for us!

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