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Seven Reasons to Enter Our Sail Away Giveaway Right Now

This sweepstakes has ended.

Really, I could probably think of thousands of reasons why you should enter our Sail Away Giveaway with Sunsail, but with time ticking down before this sweepstakes sails away into the sunset, here are seven in no particular order.

Reason #1: Sunsets Off St. Barths

Wherever you find yourself while sailing around the French West Indies you’re sure to end your days in spectacular fashion. This could just as well have been sunsets off St. Martin, or off Tintamarre, or off Anguilla!

Reason #2: Crystal Clear Waters

The turquoise waters of the Caribbean take on a whole new dimension when you’re living on them — they’re your lawn, larder (more on that in a second), playground, road, and just omnipresent partner.

Reason #3: Tintamarre

Situated just northeast of St. Martin, this tiny little island makes the list for being a must-stop on any sailing trip through the region. Turtles graze just below the water’s surface in the bay, the sand is soft, it’s blissfully quiet, and those who linger are rewarded with the sun setting behind St. Martin painting the island in dazzling shades of purples, oranges, and yellows.

Reason #4: Catching Your Dinner

No dinner is fresher than one pulled right out of those crystal clear waters, prepped, and popped on the grill. A sense of accomplishment is one of the most flavorful spices!

Reason #5 Freedom!

I don’t know about you, but I like to do whatever I like to do! If I decide I want to go somewhere, do something, listen to whatever music, wear whatever I want (or not), that’s what I want to do! And when it’s your boat, it’s your rules!

Reason #6: Seeing the Sights

Sailing isn’t just about spending time on the boat, going ashore and taking in the sights are just as much part of the experience!

Reason #7 Getting Away From it All

Finally, one of my favorite things about sailing is disconnecting. News of the world away from the boat is… Well… A world away.

If for some reason you still haven’t entered our Sail Away Giveaway, what are you waiting for?

Enter now!

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