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Sweet Ting Mango Rum Cocktail at Iggies St. Thomas

Summer is just about gone, and with it so goes mango season‘s bounty? This sad change of season doesn’t have to spell an end to your mango merriment, however, especially if you wander into Iggies on St. Thomas thanks to the Sweet Ting Mango Rum Cocktail.

A little about Iggies

I’m a big fan of St. Thomas’ best beach bar, as noted before, so naturally I stopped in at the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, where Iggies is located, multiple times during my most recent trip to the island last week. As usual, the bar’s nice line-up of creative cocktails captured my attention, none more so than the Sweet Ting.

(Check out the full Iggies menu here.)

The perfect combination

A “sweet ting,” as it was known in the general parlance of my formative years in St. Croix, usually referenced a beautiful woman. The pronounced parallel drew me to the Sweet Ting cocktail initially, but it was it’s light and refreshing flavor that kept me coming back for more.

The main ingredient, Cruzan Mango Rum, is not a favorite of mine. Besides this notable exception, most Cruzan flavored rums tend to taste several shades less than natural to me. They’re okay in the right mix, but the trick is finding a good combo of ingredients to make the flavored rum sing.

Sweet Ting does it for me in a manner that’s nice and easy.

How to make a Sweet Ting Mango Rum Cocktail

Combine two ounces of Cruzan Mango Rum with a splash of mango purée in your glass. (I’d recommend a highball or regular old fashioned.) Next, add ice. Finally, top with Ting soda, the fantastic grapefruit soda from Jamaica.

That’s it!

The mango purée is obviously the key ingredient, adding the real mango flavor that the Cruzan Mango Rum lacks. Ting supplies all the sweetness you could want along with some refreshing grapefruit zest – delicious!

Our friends at Iggies mix up their Sweet Tings with Island Oasis mango purée, but I can’t wait to try this with the excess mango the wife managed to freeze before our tree went bare a few weeks ago.

As with most things, the more mango flavor you can pack into this “ting,” the better!


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