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Sapphire Beach Webcam Satiates St. Thomas Beach Desires… Mostly

This is not Sapphire Beach. You’re actually looking at Lindquist Beach. Sapphire sits just to the south beyond Cabes Point, pictured above. Somehow I missed St. Thomas’ gem of a beach on my last visit a couple years ago. Truth be told, I’ve never managed to set foot on Sapphire’s shores despite numerous visits to Rock City over the years. Not sure why. I guess  other sweet STT shores – Magens, Brewers, Lindbergh, and even Neltjeberg among them – kept me too busy. Thankfully, though, there’s the Sapphire Beach webcam…

Live Camera Axis P1435-LE

Okay, the view is nice, but it doesn’t really satiate my St. Thomas beach desires. I mean, we are halfway through 2020 and I don’t think I’ve set foot on any beach more than a handful of times. And that’s even with living 3.5 miles from Fort Lauderdale Beach and having visited Nassau and Cancun back in January!

Considering the current booming rate of COVID-19 infection here in Florida, though, I guess the Sapphire Beach webcam will have to do for now.

Have you ever visited Sapphire Beach, St. Thomas? If so, got any tips on things we should see/do there whenever it is that we finally make it back to St. Thomas? Let us know in the comments below…

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