Friday Happy Hour: Sparrow’s Premium Aged Rum and My Favorite Chair in Bequia

When I think of Bequia I often think of a chair. A stark white Adirondack strategically set in such a way as to offer its occupant a sweeping view of Industry Bay, its beach, and tranquil natural surroundings.

This is where I sat for a stretch of every single day of my mid-summer visit to Sugar Reef Bequia last year, usually in the company of Sparrow’s Premium Aged Rum.

Sometimes in this amazing rum punch, sometimes paired with ginger beer, sometimes on its own, Sparrow’s always proved a perfect companion during the few minutes I carved out each day for some chill time just watching the waves.

Sparrow’s main attraction for me was its sweetness. I’m a big fan of the fine Demerara rums from Guyana, their rich amber color, bold flavor, and sublime sweetness always casting a spell on me, no matter their age.

I found Sparrow’s to be much the same whilst sipping away gazing out at the sea, despite the fact that it’s made in St. Vincent by St. Vincent Distillers, Ltd. Later, I learned that the molasses employed in the production of Sparrow’s is, in fact, imported from Guyana, confirming my suspicions.

I also learned that despite being touted as a “Premium Aged Rum,” Sparrow’s is not aged all that long at all. You won’t find an age statement on the bottle or on the SVD website, but most of the bartenders I asked in Bequia said this stuff likely sits for around three or four years.

Those brief years, though, are spent in old oak barrels formerly used to age Kentucky bourbon, which no doubt lends some added flavor and sophistication to Sparrow’s. I’m guessing some added caramel coloring is further employed to help Sparrow’s achieve a look, character, and flavor well beyond its years.

Either way, it all worked quite well for me on the beach at Sugar Reef, thank you very much. Smooth and refined, especially for its age, Sparrow’s can join me in my favorite chair anytime, or anywhere in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, which, aside from here, is about the only place you’ll find Sparrow’s…


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