Go Ahead, Escape it all in The Grenadines… Just Not Here

I’m not going to lie. Yes, at Uncommon Caribbean we’re all about promoting travel throughout the West Indies in search of enriching experiences—to help you find something more meaningful than just the next beach. Culture. Community. A side of yourself you hadn’t met.



Sometimes, just sometimes, I travel to escape.

Winter, city life, responsibility—I confess. It’s true.

Luckily, few destinations offer the type of sweet escape available in and around the many islands and islets of the Grenadines. In this month’s moment of zen we get to experience a little of the escape I was lucky enough to enjoy while learning the ropes with LTD Sailing.

I know what you’re thinking:

Where was this shot, exactly?

Sorry, this is my hiding place. Go find your own!

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