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Metal Decor from The Tin Man, St. Vincent: Uncommon Buy

Remember these whimsical hanging lanterns I came across during a quick visit to French House at Sugar Reef Bequia a few years ago? I promised here that I’d share more info on where they could be purchased eventually.

It’s a promise I hope to fulfill later this year.

For now, though, I can tell you that these metal treasures are made by a guy known simply as the Tin Man. The name isn’t necessarily what you (or I) might think, though…

Tin Man Aluminum Light Fixtures | SBPR
Tin Man Aluminum Light Fixtures | SBPR

In my earlier post, I erroneously noted that the fixtures were made of tin. They’re not. Aluminum, I’ve been told by Emmett Pace, co-owner of Sugar Reef, is the real base material here.

So, how did the Tin Man get his name?

He is very thin and here “th” has the “t” sound.

Whatever you call him, this guys certainly has a talent for capturing a special sense of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in his work.

Here’s hoping I get to meet him later this year so I can report back with more details…

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