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Delighting In A Dog’s Life at Staniel Cay, The Bahamas

The four-legged friends that draw most people to Staniel Cay are pink and porky. Remember the famous swimming pigs on nearby Big Major’s Spot? They definitely embody uncommon in every way.

Fervent dog-lover that I am, though, I’m more interested in this furry girl.

Her name is Maya. Like most of what I’ve come to know recently about Staniel Cay and the Exumas, I learned of Maya through the awesome photography and film production work of Colin Ruggiero. Remember him from these these recent posts..?

All of Colin’s photos and his amazing film, Exuma, are great, but this image really warms my heart. Maya’s obvious joy and comfort in the crystal-clear waters that surround Staniel Cay are something I just have to see for myself and experience alongside her.

Unlike the pigs, though, Maya’s not a full-time resident of The Bahamas.

Her owner, Mark Osterhaven of Worth Avenue Yachts, doubles as the Commodore at The Staniel Cay Yacht Club. From her bio page on the Worth Avenue Yachts website, it seems the best time to catch Maya at Staniel Cay is during the holidays.

Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas – not sure when you’ll be around, Maya, but I do hope our paths cross next time I’m in the Exumas.


*Photo credit: Colin Ruggiero.

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