🇧🇸Staniel Cay

Stealing Away to Staniel Cay, The Bahamas

This place has it all.

The sentiment, though highly subjective, seems certainly to apply to Staniel Cay… at least for the uncommon traveler, that is.

Spotlight surrounding attractions like Thunderball Grotto and Swimming Pigs are nice, but it’s really what you won’t find in and around Staniel Cay that turns me on.

Less than 100 people live on the island’s scant two square miles, leaving lots of sandy shores and sublime swimming spots deliciously deserted; perfect for a romantic rendezvous, adventuring with close friends, or some serene solo time…

A mere 75 miles south of Nassau, Staniel Cay feels worlds away from the Bahamian capital’s hustle, bustle, and touristy undertones.

For more on this very special corner of The Bahamas, be sure to visit Staniel Cay Yacht Club online.


*Photo and video credit: Colin Ruggiero.

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🇧🇸Staniel Cay

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🇧🇸Staniel Cay

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