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Boating home in Grande Anse-d'Arlet, Martinique

After Lunch at Grande Anse-d’Arlet, Martinique

For many of those lucky enough to lunch along the shores of Grande Anse-d'Arlet, this is what the "drive" home looks like.
🇻🇮St. Thomas

Exploring Cave Cove At Outer Brass Island, St. Thomas

The beauty of boating around St. Thomas with Captain Thomas is you get to know some of the island's secrets. Secrets like Cave Cove at Outer Brass Island.
Leaping Into Coconut Bay, Hans Lollik Island | SBPR
🇻🇮St. Thomas

Leaping Into Coconut Bay at Hans Lollik Island, St. Thomas

Of all the beaches that line the shores of the 70+ islands that comprise the US.V.I., Coconut Bay at Hans Lollik Island is most surely among the prettiest.
Karibik-Cruise 2017 – Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua, Barbuda. Powered by Master Yachting & Dream Yacht Charter. | Credit: Flickr user Christian Lendl
🇫🇷Guadeloupe Islands

Getting The Week Off To A Good Start In Guadeloupe

Taking the plunge from a boat has its obvious joys in Bouillante, Guadeloupe, but that's just one of several diving diversions you won't want to miss here.
Playa La Boca, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba | Credit: Flickr user lezumbalaberenjena

Perfectly Imperfect Playa La Boca, Cuba

These days, when I dream of finally getting to really experience Cuba, my thoughts generally center away from the classic American cars and historic sites of Havana in favor of more peaceful environs like these in La Boca.

Sandbar Seclusion in Exuma, The Bahamas: Photo of the Day

Interspersed among the 360 islands, islets, and cays in the Exuma chain of The Bahamas are little patches of sandy heaven like this. Sandbars: pure Bahamas paradise.
Dropping anchor in La Baie du Robert, Martinique | SBPR

Exploring The Mangroves of La Baie du Robert, Martinique

Of all the great ways I've been fortunate enough to start the day during my many marvelous trips to Martinique over the years, this was among the best.
Big Beard's Salt River, St. Croix Tour by Patrick Bennett
🇻🇮St. Croix

Salt River St. Croix: Soak in History with Big Beards’ Newest Tour

There's tremendous history in Salt River St. Croix and there's no no better way to take it all in then by boat with Big Beards tours.
Happily Beached at Buck Island, St. Croix
🇻🇮St. Croix

Beached At Buck Island, St. Croix

When I'm back home in St. Croix and lucky enough to be out at Buck Island, being beached is something special, fun. Something I never want to end.