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Cove Cottage at Tensing Pen in Negril, Jamaica

Coveting Cove Cottage at Tensing Pen, Negril

Hotel accommodations all across the Caribbean are designed to capture your heart. Few, however, pull off the trick for me quite as nicely as Cove Cottage.
Sleeping at the Fred alone was a challenge for me in this sexy bed
🇻🇮St. Croix

My Sweet Struggles Sleeping At The Fred, St. Croix

Sleeping at The Fred is not so easy when you're traveling alone. The place is damnsexy, a fact made most obvious to me by this bed.
My View at Company House, St. Croix | SBPR
🇻🇮St. Croix

Company House, St. Croix: View With A Room

There's no beach, but if you love St. Croix and Caribbean history then this view from room 402 at Company House, St. Croix is very special indeed.
Secret Bay Dominica

Secret Bay Dominica: All New, Still Amazing

Secret Bay boutique hotel on the unspoiled nature island of Dominica is a small property dedicated to personal experiences. It's a honeymooner's dream.
View from Douglas House unit 3204 at The Fred, St. Croix | SBPR
🇻🇮St. Croix

Douglas House at The Fred St. Croix, Unit 3204: View With A Room

This is the view that greeted me upon waking and exiting my room each morning of the extended weekend stay I enjoyed at Douglas House at The Fred St. Croix.
Sandpiper Inn, Abaco, The Bahamas

Sandpiper Inn, Abaco, The Bahamas: Uncommon Envy

The Abaco Islands often star in my dreams about returning to The Bahamas. Lately, those dreams have centered on South Abaco and the Sandpiper Inn.
The Old Fort Estate, Bequia

The Old Fort Estate, Bequia: Uncommon Envy

Five+ years have passed since my last visit to Bequia, yet my love for this special little corner of St. Vincent's Grenadines keeps growing stronger.
Hotel LoBleu, Terre-de-Haut, Guadeloupe | SBPR

Hotel LoBleu – Charming Beach-Chic in Terre-de-Haut, Guadeloupe

Like few places I've stayed, Hotel LoBleu in Terre-de-Haut is relaxed and quite comfortably content with its own special kind of wonderful.
French Coco lush gardens, Martinique

Hotel French Coco, Martinique: Uncommon Envy

Perched atop a small hill in the middle of a residential area in the town of Tartane, Martinique, French Coco oozes très sexy style and sophistication while also connecting visitors to the island's distinctly local village vibe.