Kiowa Cocktails

French Kiss Valentine's Cocktail

French Kiss Valentine’s Cocktail – Rhum and Bubbles in Perfect Harmony

Rhum is king in Martinique, but no region of France consumes more champagne. The French Kiss Valentine's Cocktail lovingly combines both.
Chairman's Sweater Weather Warm Rum Cocktail
🇱🇨St. Lucia

Chairman’s Sweater Weather Warm and Spicy Rum Cocktail

'Tis the season for sweaters and rum cocktails that are spicy and warm. Solution: mix up this recipe for a Chairman's Sweater Weather.
Daiquiri Of The Dead Blood Red Halloween Cocktail

Daiquiri Of The Dead Blood-Red Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Requiring just three ingredients, the Daiquiri Of The Dead is as simple as simple gets when it comes to mixing up a great Halloween cocktail.
Jungle Oiseau Rhum Agricole Cocktail

Jungle Oiseau Rhum Agricole Cocktail Takes Tiki to the French Caribbean

Tiki culture doesn't jive with the real Caribbean to me. In the case of the Jungle Oiseau, though, the disparate tropic traditions come together nicely.