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Sailboat Racing in Anguilla

Experience The Storied Tradition of Sailboat Racing in Anguilla

Sailboat Racing in Anguilla happens throughout the year and is all about harnessing of the island's natural splendor and the talent of the island's inhabitants to be world class.
Superyacht Sojana at Antigua Sailing Week | SBPR

Chasing The Race At Antigua Sailing Week 2018

A scintillating display of world class seamanship, speed, and man's/woman's insatiable appetite for competition, Antigua Sailing Week presents about as thrilling an experience as I've ever enjoyed at sea.
Easter Tuesday goat races, Buccoo | Credit: Flickr user Kate Nevens

Enjoy A ‘Taste’ of Goat Races Day in Tobago

They taste as great as they race! The cheeky catchphrase has long been associated with Goat Races in Tobago, the staple sport of the Easter Season in Trinidad's sister island. I've long wondered, though, if the saying is true.

Kingston City Run: Run Di City With all the Sweat and None of the Stress

The Kingston City Run is a great way to run through New Kingston and enjoy the views from the hills above the city. Those views come with a price, though...

Uncommon Photo-Op: All-Access Martinique Yole Festival

Made for tourists events don't usually get much play here, but we can make an exception for the Martinique Yole Festival.
Black Point Regatta, The Bahamas

Photo Essay: The Black Point Regatta Emancipation Weekend

One of the best ways to celebrate Emancipation Day is out on the iridescent waters of the Exumas, with some rum, watching the Black Point Regatta.

Saturday Video: Make Your Trip to Tobago Pay Off By Winning The Neal & Massy Rainbow Cup

Family Islands Sailing Races

Family Islands Sailing Races in The Bahamas

The importance of sailing in The Bahamas is readily apparent in Family Islands Sailing Races today. That, however, was not always the case.
Caribbean Horse Racing

Caribbean Horse Racing: Enjoy a Day at the Races, Island Style

The Barbados Turf Club at the historic Garrison Savannah, located just east of Bridgetown, has been hosting horse races since 1845!