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Église Saint-Thomas du Diamant

Église Saint-Thomas du Diamant – Uncommon Attraction

The stains of slavery mar the foundations of many notable structures in the Americas, le Église Saint-Thomas du Diamant among them.
Ogier-Fombrun Museum, Haiti

Ogier-Fombrun Museum – Stirring History by the Sea in Haiti

At the Ogier-Fombrun Museum in Haiti, the pain of slavery is juxtaposed with a lavish colonial estate to create a provocative conscious travel experience.
Fort Shirley Officers' Quarters

Fort Shirley Officers’ Quarters: Where Mutiny Begat Emancipation

An 1802 revolt that started at the Fort Shirley Officers' Quarters in Dominica directly led to the emancipation of a most unlikely group of slaves.
Statia Blue Beads
St. Eustatius

The Surprising Slave History and Mystical Legend of Statia Blue Beads

Of all the many varied, unique, and amazing types and styles of jewelry found all throughout the Caribbean, none are more uncommon than Statia blue beads.
Peace Hill Sugar Mill, St. John | SBPR
🇻🇮St. John

Peace Hill Sugar Mill, St. John: Uncommon Attraction

Few places in St. John, or anywhere else in the Virgin Islands for that matter, offer such awe-inspiring views as those on offer atop Peace Hill.
Queen's Staircase in Nassau, The Bahamas | Credit: Flickr user arctic_whirlwind

Uncommon Photo-Op: Queen’s Staircase in Nassau, The Bahamas

For all of the outsized touristy glitz that has come to define Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas is actually a prime destination for history lovers keen on exploring African roots and the legacy of slavery in the West Indies.
La Savane des Esclaves, Martinique | SBPR

Lest We Forget – La Savane des Esclaves, Martinique

La Savane des Esclaves in Martinique is a unique and incredibly moving place, made more special by the one amazing man with the passion to make it happen.
Papa Machete, master of Tire Machèt

Discover Tire Machèt, The Secret Martial Art That Helped Haitian Slaves Win Freedom

In one very special corner of the Caribbean the use of machetes extends to art; an ancient martial art some 225 years old called Tire Machèt.
St. Martin/St. Maarten

Slave Walls of Saint Martin: Uncommon Attraction

In some parts of the Caribbean, the stains of slavery are as evident as they were hundreds of years ago. The slave walls of St. Martin are an example.