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Dickenson Bay view from Ana's On The Beach, Antigua | SBPR

Old Fashioned Rum Punch at Ana’s On The Beach, Antigua

What else could possibly make liming at Ana's On The Beach on Dickenson Bay, Antigua any better..? Answer: Old Fashioned Rum Punch.
Mizik Twoubadou, Haiti | SBPR

Twoubadou Folk Music, The True Sound and Soul of Haiti

Twoubadou folk music traces its origins to the early 1900s, when seasonal migrant laborers from Haiti traveled to Cuba to work the cane fields.
sailing Belize

Sailing Belize for a Week with Sunsail – What’s it Really Like?

Overnight anchorages at tiny mangrove islands, catching your own fresh snapper for lunch, and, of course, excellent waters, this is sailing Belize!
Sweet Sunset, Deep Bay, Antigua | SBPR

Serene Sunset from Deep Bay, Antigua

We may not have visited all 365 Antigua beaches during our most recent visit, but we did arrive at a favorite from among the ones we did see.
Conch Man Percy in Saba

In Saba, One Man’s Quest to Serve as the Island’s Wake-up Conch Call

Modern conveniences have made traditional conch blowing for communication in Saba obsolete. One man thinks that's no reason to let a good tradition die.

Take an Aerial Tour of Aruba’s Natural Wonders

Nature's treasures are rarely top-of-mind when thinking about Aruba. There are simply too many nightclubs, restaurants, swanky resorts, bars, and other party places to distract most who venture here. As elsewhere in the Caribbean, though, Mother Nature most surely shows off in Aruba.
Nevis waterfalls - above the green canopy

Get Above Nevis’ Waterfalls and Emerald Canopy

Nevis waterfalls are one of the major perks to venturing into the island's lush tropical interior. Rich with dense, fertile forests it's perfect for hiking.
Antigua Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding in Antigua – My Soon Come Adventure

When it comes to kiteboarding in the Caribbean, certain destinations are a given. To me, though, Antigua wasn't one of them.
Rincon Waterfall, Trinidad | Credit: via Flickr

Hiking Rincon Falls, Trinidad

One big thing I've missed on my travels to Trinidad is hiking... of any kind... anywhere. I guess, for me, the fete and food have been too nice to allow me to stray too far into the wilds.