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Diamond Falls, Saint Lucia
🇱🇨St. Lucia

Diamond Falls: A Cascade of Colors in the Wilds of Saint Lucia

Man-made water attractions like the famous Dancing Fountains of Bellagio are cool. Diamond Falls in Saint Lucia, though, is next level.
Cascade de Saut Gendarme

Cascade du Saut Gendarme – Easy-Access Waterfall Fun in Martinique

Chasing waterfalls in Martinique doesn't always require careful planning or arduous treks. Such is the case with the Cascade du Saut Gendarme.
Trafalgar Falls, Dominica

Trafalgar Falls – How Best to Soak in their Majesty

Trafalgar Falls is a twin waterfall attraction set against soaring emerald cliffs that's a must for anyone visiting the Nature Island in seach of adventure.
Emerald Pool Waterfall Dominica

Emerald Pool – How to Get These Precious Waters All to Yourself

Emerald Pool in the heart of Dominica's rainforest with its 50-foot waterfall and reflecting pool can be all yours if you know when to visit.
Kaieteur Falls, Guyana | Credit: Flickr user Allan Hopkins

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana: Largest Single Drop in the World

Kaieteur Falls is the "largest single drop" waterfall in the world, five times taller than Niagra, and more powerful than just about any waterfall anywhere.
Southern Haiti Adventure: Leaping into Bassin Bleu

Southern Haiti Adventure: Leaping into Bassin Bleu

The series of natural pools and waterfalls that comprise Bassin Bleu make for an incomparable southern Haiti adventure.
Rincon Waterfall, Trinidad | Credit: cestlavibe.com via Flickr

Hiking Rincon Falls, Trinidad

One big thing I've missed on my travels to Trinidad is hiking... of any kind... anywhere. I guess, for me, the fete and food have been too nice to allow me to stray too far into the wilds.
El Yunque Waterfall, Puerto Rico | Credit: Jose Francisco, PhD
🇵🇷Puerto Rico

What Makes Puerto Rico The Most Mystical Place in the Caribbean?

Los Chupacabra barely scratches the surface on the strange encounters recorded in El Yunque, the massive, mystical rainforest in Puerto Rico over the years.

How Best To Go Chasing Waterfalls in Grenada

A good bit of the soul of Grenada courses through her rivers, cascading down her waterfalls.