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Basking in Belle Mont Farm, St. Kitts
🇰🇳St. Kitts

Basking in Belle Mont Farm, St. Kitts

Floating into 2019 at Sandy Point, St. Croix | SBPR
🇻🇮St. Croix

Floating Off Into The New Year In St. Croix

Given the choice, I'd most want to start 2019 just like this; floating aimlessly and without a care off the shores of Sandy Point back home in St. Croix.
Southern Haiti Adventure: Leaping into Bassin Bleu

Southern Haiti Adventure: Leaping into Bassin Bleu

The series of natural pools and waterfalls that comprise Bassin Bleu make for an incomparable southern Haiti adventure.
Teen-Approved Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos | SBPR

Teen-Approved Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

As much as my boys enjoyed the beaches on North Caicos, they truly LOVED Grace Bay. You can still hear sheer joy in their voices when they talk about it.
Sunset strolling Sandy Point, North Caicos | SBPR
🇹🇨North Caicos

Sunset Strolling Sandy Point, North Caicos

It's a long way from the all new (and perfect for me) Empyrean Villas on Whitby Beach to Sandy Point... at least by North Caicos standards.
Rainy St. John Sunset | SBPR
🇻🇮St. John

Sunset In St John Dodging Raindrops in the Sea

Sunset in St John is always sweet fun. Yes, even in the rain, as Patrick and I discovered recently in Cruz Bay.
Karibik-Cruise 2017 – Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua, Barbuda. Powered by Master Yachting & Dream Yacht Charter. | Credit: Flickr user Christian Lendl
🇫🇷Guadeloupe Islands

Getting The Week Off To A Good Start In Guadeloupe

Taking the plunge from a boat has its obvious joys in Bouillante, Guadeloupe, but that's just one of several diving diversions you won't want to miss here.
Brewers Bay Beach, St. Thomas
🇻🇮St. Thomas

Getting Your Daily Dose of Brewers Bay

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine the wonders a daily dose of Brewers Bay Beach's bleach white sand and crystal clear waters could provide!
Wading Around Nylon Pool, Tobago | SBPR

Wading Around Nylon Pool, Tobago

If you believe the myths of the Nylon Pool in Tobago, then you wouldn't be surprised if the lady pictured here was actually much older than she appears.