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Afternoon paddleboarding Staniel Cay | Photo credit: Colin Ruggiero
🇧🇸Staniel Cay

Smooth and Cool Afternoon Paddleboarding Staniel Cay

Paddleboarding Staniel Cay is especially easy for guests Staniel Cay Yacht Club, the preeminent place to stay here since 1956.
Floating beneath the cliffs of Negril, Jamaica | SBPR

Floating Beneath The Cliffs Of Negril, Jamaica

This guy floating beneath the cliffs of Negril might be well at sea, but he doesn't look the least bit lost, confused, or otherwise bothered about anything.
Cannonballing Around The Tobago Cays / Karibik-Segeltörn / Caribbean Sailing Cruise 2014. Photo: Christian Lendl
🇻🇨Tobago Cays

Free As You Wanna’ Be In The Tobago Cays

Arriving in the Tobago Cays makes you giddy; like a school kid on your first day of summer. You're free, unrestrained, and as wild as your surroundings.
Hammock Time at Sunset At The Palms, Negril | SBPR

Hammock Time in Negril

There's a different level of relaxation here; one that relieves all stresses, all cares. This is hammock time at Sunset At The Palms in Negril.
Pig Beach swim in Exuma | Credit: Colin Ruggiero

Mingling With The Locals On Pig Beach, Exuma

One of the more aptly-named beaches anywhere, Pig Beach is also easily among the most uncommon. This is home to the famous swimming pigs of Big Major Cay.
Down By The Sea At Dickenson Bay, Antigua | SBPR

Down By The Sea At Dickenson Bay, Antigua

Dickenson Bay on the northwestn shores of Antigua is not often uncrowded. Even so, you can always find some space at the water's edge.
Sunset Swimming In The Grenadines | Credit: Flickr user Jason Pratt

Sunset Swimming In The Grenadines

At the close of each day sailing the Grenadines your reward is a little sunset swimming in some of the most pristine waters anywhere on earth.
Seashore at Shoys Beach, St. Croix | SBPR
🇻🇮St. Croix

Surf Line Sunning At Shoys Beach, St. Croix

I noted a couple changes to Shoys Beach on my latest visit to St. Croix just four short weeks ago. None detracted from the usual sweetness here, though.
Leaping Into Coconut Bay, Hans Lollik Island | SBPR
🇻🇮St. Thomas

Leaping Into Coconut Bay at Hans Lollik Island, St. Thomas

Of all the beaches that line the shores of the 70+ islands that comprise the US.V.I., Coconut Bay at Hans Lollik Island is most surely among the prettiest.