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Jamesby, Tobago Cays and Remembering Good Times: Caribbean Wallpaper

Today is one of those rare days when both of us Uncommon Caribbean brothers are traveling. Yup, my brother Steve is taking the short flight southward to Nassau in the Bahamas while I’ll be going a little further east… And a bit more north… To… Uhm… Gera.

Never heard of it? I’m not surprised, it’s a tiny little town in the former East Germany about two hours south of Berlin. You read that right; while my brother is off to our usual (and beloved) shores in the West Indies, I’ll be bundling up to brave highs of 48º with only Köstritzer Schwarzbier and Schnapps to keep me warm.

Well, those things and this week’s wallpaper.

Taken from atop of the tiny islet of Jamesby in the Tobago Cays, this is one of my favorite photos from my favorite trip on probably my favorite day since we started here at UC. As you can see, the day was perfect. I’ve written about how amazing it was on Jamesby already, so I won’t go into detail, but just look at that photo! Could you imagine somewhere else you’d rather be? Warmth, clean sea breezes, and everything else that makes up the best of the Caribbean practically radiate from my screen when I have this as my wallpaper.

I may physically be in cold, damp eastern Germany for a week-and-a-half, but as long as I keep this wallpaper up, my mind will be in paradise.

Wish me luck, and enjoy!

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