Blue Water's Inn pier, Speyside, Tobago

Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Marooned in Speyside, Tobago

Blue Water's Inn pier, Speyside, Tobago
Blue Water's Inn pier, Speyside, Tobago

As Steve noted recently when discussing his wife’s sainthood, us Bennett brothers can sometimes be a handful. So, I suppose it’s no surprise that after I’d only spent a couple days at our father’s house in the south of Tobago a few years ago, he decided to exile treat me to the far north side of the island for a few days… As a surprise!

One second we were just hanging out on his veranda. The next, it was: “Surprise! I’m taking you to spend a few nights in Speyside!”

Once he’d deposited me and my wife in Speyside, I could just make him out saying he’d be back for us in a couple days over the squeal of his tires. Luckily, he’d chosen Blue Waters Inn as our exclusion area. The website’s description is definitely accurate when it calls the property “a Beachfront Low-Rise Boutique Hotel tucked away in it’s own secluded bay amongst 46 acres of lush tropical grounds.” It’s certainly secluded, being a 10-minute walk north of Speyside proper. Plus, the grounds are indeed lush and tropical. So, like a deposed dictator, I easily enjoyed my extradition.

In fact, since then, our dad has used that trick treat again—depositing Steve and his wife there just last year! Like us, Steve and Kelly enjoyed their time at the property as well. Longtime readers might even remember when Steve featured it in this Deal of the Week post.

If you’re looking for an uncommon Caribbean inn, on a special little island off-the-beaten-path, you should definitely look into this inn. If you’d instantly like a small taste of the peaceful West Indian seclusion they specialize in here, download this week’s wallpaper: a photo I took of the pier at Blue Waters years ago on that first trip. Just click the big download now button below.

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