Easter Tuesday Means Goat Racing in Tobago

Today is the biggest day on the annual sports calendar in Tobago: time for the annual Goat Race Festival in Buccoo, Tobago!

We first told you about this uniquely West Indian cultural event, and the surprising sports complex where it’s contested, a couple years ago, but today we’re giving you a more in-depth look at what makes goat racing in Tobago so special through this wonderful video by Zimbabwe-born/London-based filmmaker, Noble Fox.

On the surface, goat racing may sound kind of comical to some. This video, though, shows just how serious the races are, tracking participants (goats and jockeys alike) through a bit of their training, while also capturing the spirit of the competition. The thrill of the race, arguing amongst bettors, the excitement of victory – it’s all included in this tidy 2:25.


The short is really a preview of a broader documentary called 9 Feet of Rope, which is currently in post-production. To keep up with the latest on the film, visit Noble Fox online.

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