Once You Check-in at Tobago’s Castara Retreats, You’re a Local

You may not know it by the way we gush about our favorite properties, but there really aren’t that many hard and fast rules over what qualifies as an ideally “uncommon” hotel for us. Sometimes we could use a little luxury. Other times, nothing more than a tent is required. Style and comfort are good too, especially when our families are along for the ride, but overall I’d say if the service is friendly and the location is convenient to our uncommon pursuits, allowing us to easily experience the authentic nature of a destination, then we’re all for it!

In this way, Castara Retreats in Tobago is near about perfect for us. At least that’s how it appears in the video above. (I’ve been to Tobago several times in recent years, but have never visited Castara). The place simply looks gorgeous, and not in a manicured, antiseptically landscaped way either. Instead, pure nature abounds in all its wondrously genuine glory – on land, in the trees, at sea and all around you.

Even better, Castara Retreats are purposely set up to enable you to fully experience and enjoy these natural treasures and the local Castara community. There’s no bar or restaurant on-property, forcing guests to venture into the village to check out area businesses. You can see in the video how that’s created a fantastic harmony between the Retreat and the town, while also affording guests the chance to gain truly authentic West Indian experiences.

Check-in here and you literally become a local, eating at the same restaurants as Castara residents, shopping in their same stores and limin’ in the same way the locals do. Just imagine the kind of friendships and lasting memories that kind of interaction must engender?

The image of the tourist working with the local fishermen to pull the day’s catch up to the beach speaks volumes – you don’t just visit Castara Retreats, you really live there during your stay.

After seeing this, Castara Retreats is now on my short-list of must-see properties next time I’m in Tobago. What do you think?

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