Almost Missing The Best View in Tobago: Photo of the Day

Some of the best photo-ops in the Caribbean are often the easiest to miss.

They’re not necessarily hidden, per se, or requiring of the adventuring photo enthusiast to make an arduous trek like this one.

Instead, they sit there in plain sight right along the side of the road, overlooked out of hand as we speed along to the next hot spot on our itineraries.

Sometimes that speeding along can’t be helped. Maybe you’re in a group and don’t want to inconvenience others, or you’ve got young ones in tow whose schedules aren’t as flexible as yours.

Similar such plausible excuses applied to me when I happened upon the fantastic scene above during my last visit to Tobago. Patrick and I, along with our wives and three kids (Kingston hadn’t come along just yet) had just enjoyed lunch at this most uncommon of local restaurants. It was hot and everyone was anxious for a little beach time, so we headed to Bluewaters Inn, only a few minutes away.

The view above of Goat Island, Little Tobago, and other small islets and rocks in Tyrrell’s Bay, can be enjoyed on the steep driveway that leads downhill from the security gate to Bluewaters. If you’re driving, such a view is easy to miss as you’ll want to pay attention to the rather narrow roadway.

If you’re walking, as we were forced to do since the property was full that day, well, the rewards are plain to see…

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