Saturday Video: A Bonus Moment of Zen Especially for Cheryl Arena

Pigeon Point, Tobago

Today’s Saturday Video post is dedicated to a very special reader with an extra special need for more of that warm Caribbean sun we all love so much.

Earlier this month, Cheryl Arena posted this on our Facebook wall:

Can you send us a WEEKLY moment of zen? Much needed…thank you.

While I was happy to see that our monthly stress relievers had struck a chord, it still seemed a little curious (at least to me) that someone would have need for a new one each and every week. Cheryl’s answer:

I live in buffalo!

Buffalo. Yeah. Wow. That’s harsh.

A friend from my college days was from Buffalo. You could get a good sense of how hard the winters are there just by looking at his hair. At 18, he already had none, the stress of life in America’s supposed Siberia no doubt sapping the life out of his locks.

The stories he used to tell me about the endless days of snow and cold would keep me up at night. Coming from warm and sunny St. Croix, I just couldn’t fathom 70+ inches of snowfall, average daily temps preceded by a negative sign and day after day of gray.

Even now I shudder at the memory…

So, Cheryl, this bonus Moment of Zen is for you! I shot it at on a trip to Tobago last year during the earliest days of Uncommon Caribbean. The featured beach is Pigeon Point, definitely a favorite of mine, and an excellent place to lime with some cold Caribs a few doubles, family and friends.

This northwest-facing side of the beach is generally nice and calm, an excellent spot for swimming with shallow waters extending pretty far offshore. Walk around the point to the north, though, and you’ll find persistently windy conditions, ideal for windsurfing and kite boarding.

You can bring your own food and drinks, but there are also lots of concessions selling a wide range of local favorites. Lifeguards are on-duty too, and if you need a break from the sand and sun, you can check out the shops selling local arts and crafts, t-shirts and other souvenirs.

If you’re looking for a full-service beach with a nice local vibe that’s ideal for families, Pigeon Point is among the best the Caribbean has to offer. We hope you get to experience it for yourself soon, Cheryl. ‘Til then, let this video warm your cold Buffalo nights…

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