Saturday Video: Make Your Trip to Tobago Pay Off By Winning The Neal & Massy Rainbow Cup

Most people most certainly visit Tobago solely to lime – to kick back, relax, and do as little as possible. The yin to bib sister Trinidad’s more cosmopolitan yang, Tobago more than meets the needs of your typical beach, sun and fun loving leisure traveler, especially at sandy stretches like Turtle Beach, pictured above.

It’s somewhat ironic, then, that one of the island’s most strenuous sporting competitions is also based in this very same spot.

I’m referring to The Neal & Massy Rainbow Cup, an international triathlon held each summer.

As today’s featured video shows, the event adds quite a bit of action to Tobago’s generally placid environs, drawing scores of male and female athletes from all over the world to compete under the warm Tobago sun for cash prizes totaling US$10,000.

Pocketing any money would be nice, especially since winning could go a long way toward having your trip to Tobago pay for itself, but I imagine the thrill of competing in and around beautiful Tobago with a great group of local and visiting athletes would prove rewarding enough…

For more on the Neal & Massy Rainbow Cup, visit the event website, or check them out on Facebook.

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