Saturday Video: One Man’s Paradise Found in Tobago

Nirvana. We all seek it to some degree in different ways at various points in our lives. Most of us count ourselves lucky if we get to enjoy even the smallest taste of it during our Caribbean adventures. For others like Pablo O’Brien, though, one small taste is never enough.

Born in Venezuela to parents from Trinidad & Tobago, Pablo has made a nice home along the shores of Mt. Irvine on Tobago’s north coast, where by all accounts of today’s featured video, he is living a dream…

Sorry, this video is no longer online

The film was beautifully shot and edited by Real Island Voice, an outfit out of Amsterdam bent on creating film and photo projects representing strong cultural reflections of everyday life around the world. I’d say they hit their mark with Pablo’s Paradise, showcasing a uniquely spiritual perspective on living simply and giving back on one very special island.

We’ll be sure to look for you, Pablo, next time we’re in Tobago to share the vibes and good times…

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