Speeding Into Bon Accord Lagoon with Tobago Waterholics

Miss the excitement of speeding atop the clear, calm Caribbean Sea – full-throttle, tunes blasting; the warm sun smiling down from on-high?

The wind, the salt spray, the elation that comes with every bounce of your powerboat surging forward – it’s easily among the top thrills in life to me.

If you feel the same, then this is for you…

I shot this almost three years ago while touring the north coast beaches of Tobago with the fun guys at Tobago Waterholics. We had just finished enjoying the peace and quiet seclusion of Cotton Bay, an ideally uncommon beach solely accessible by boat. Cotton Bay is so remote, in fact, that it’s easy to forget that anything in life moves fast while you’re there.

Upon leaving, Tobago Waterholics made sure we remembered (and then some!), planing their twin-engine powerboat at speeds that drew shrieks, smiles, and laughter from all aboard.

After buzzing into Bon Accord Lagoon, we anchored at No Man’s Land, just across from Pigeon Point, for a fantastic lunch of local favorites (the Macaroni Pie was particularly memorable) and a few cold Caribs.

Later, we’d head to the Nylon Pool to unlock her sexy secrets before one last full-throttle tear around Crown Point back to the Tobago Waterholics home base, wrapping up one of the most fun and memorable days I’ve enjoyed since we started Uncommon Caribbean.

To get in on the Tobago Waterholics experience for yourself, visit them online here.

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