Spoil All Your Senses on Store Bay, Tobago

All great Caribbean beaches feed some combination of the five senses, though few satisfy them all for me quite like Store Bay in Tobago.

It’s not the biggest or cleanest beach I’ve ever seen. It’s not secluded in any way either, generally a big strike in my book of ideal beach needs.

Store Bay is still plenty pretty, though, the requisite bright-white sands and crystal-clear water preferred by most beach-lovers providing a marvelous feast for the eyes.

It’s that same bright-white sand that really satisfies your sense of touch. Well, at least that was the case for my twin boys when my wife and I brought them here for the first time as toddlers.

We live just a few miles from the beach in Fort Lauderdale, so they weren’t strangers to the granular ground cover. Still, they seemed to mess with it way more here than at home.

The persistent laughter and squeals of delight from my kids was music to my ears in and of themselves. The nice mix of sweet soca and waves caressing the shore only added to the allure.

Then there were the smells and flavors – utterly unforgettable! Store Bay is home to a fantastic collection of food stalls serving some of the very best local cuisine on the island. The delights go well beyond the Curry Crab ‘n Dumpling we introduced you to previously.

Roti, oxtail, macaroni pie, conch, callaloo, curry goat – the scents carry over the sand enticing you away from the waves, if only just for a moment around lunchtime, to fuel your afternoon beach fun.

Know of another Caribbean beach that similarly satisfies all the senses? Let us in the comments section below…

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