Providencia Rum

Divine Providencia Rum and The Origin of Florida’s Palm Trees

There exists, perhaps, no rum better suited to mixing with coconut water than Providencia Rum… at least according to legend.

A blend of rums aged between three to five years with origins in four corners of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Guyana among them, Providencia doesn’t do much for me on the nose. Even with some vigorous agitation, only trace levels of vanilla could be noted.

Blandness on the nose, though, gives way to a wonderful burn and sparkling burst of flavors on the tongue. Vanilla shines through, as you might imagine, but it’s the pineapple notes that make Providencia truly special to me. The flavor doesn’t linger very long, but the nice balance and warmth will have you pouring another soon enough.

Providencia Rum is produced by Mayfair Brands, a UK spirits brand focused squarely on the Top Shelf. Providencia doesn’t quite get all the way up there for me, but its alleged Palm Beach heritage further suggests that it should.

This legend revolves around a Spanish ship heading from Havana to Spain in 1878 that shipwrecked under mysterious circumstances off the coast of South Florida. The ship, the Providencia, was carrying 20,000 coconuts harvested from Trinidad, plus some rum and cigars.

It’s said that the wreck was no accident, the insurance gains exceeding those that could’ve been derived from the cargo. Also benefiting: pioneer settlers based in Florida who apparently scooped up all those coconuts and planted them along the coast, giving Palm Beach its namesake trees.

Is the legend true? Probably not as true as the taste of this fine rum in the coconuts to which they’re forever tied; a taste I hope to try once I get my hands on some coconuts this weekend.

‘Til then, cheers!

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