Experience Trinidad Carnival Masquerading with Paparazzi

You can not describe Carnival. You have to experience it firsthand to really understand what it’s all about.

Family members, friends, and strangers all shared similarly-styled words of wisdom ahead of my first Carnival Tuesday experience last week. They’re right too, though this video comes close to bringing the bacchanal to life.

The footage depicts much of the fun I experienced masquerading with Paparazzi, a brand new Carnival band that debuted in 2013.

Now, Paparazzi may be new, but as you can see in the video they’ve got plenty of experience in the fettin’ department. Having spent 14 hours chippin’ and jumpin’ up on the road and on the stage with them last Tuesday, I can attest to the fact that they also very much have their act together when it comes to taking care of the folks in their band.

Drinks were always served cold, promptly and with a smile, the DJ’s spun the hottest tunes keeping the energy high, and the food was way better than I expected. As the day wore on longer than expected, they even served up a bonus dinner meal of chicken roti, providing a much-needed final push to carry us over the Savannah Stage just after 9 pm.

For a first time Carnival masquerader like me, Paparazzi was the perfect band.

If you’re interested in playing mas with Paparazzi next year, keep an eye on their website, or “like” them on Facebook to stay current with the latest band news and info.

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