Angostura Caribbean Club Wild Sorrel Berry Rum Punch

Friday Happy Hour: Partying with Angostura Caribbean Club Sorrel Rum Punch

Few curvaceous containers appear to promise a party in every bottle more than the ridiculously ruby red Angostura Caribbean Club Wild Sorrel Berry Rum Punch.

Forget Angostura’s fussiness over the top secret formula behind their world class aromatic bitters, or the patience that goes into every hand selected cask of their 1824 Limited Reserve, this bottle of Caribbean Club just wants to fete it up!

It doesn’t want to impress you with its smarts. I mean, what is a “Wild Sorrel Berry?” The Trini staple of sorrel drink is made from the flower of the plant.

It certainly isn’t worried about being politically correct. I mean right on the front of the bottle 50% of the declared ingredients are “artificial flavors” and “FD&C yellow #5.” (No she’s not a natural red. There’s probably nothing in nature that can actually be this red.)

And it most definitely doesn’t want to take things slow. I mean just look at those two figures on the label. Either they’re wildly dancing every which way with reckless abandon, or they’ve lost their multi-colored minds! (Or maybe a combination of the two.)

Angostura Caribbean Club Wild Sorrel Berry Rum Punch
Angostura Caribbean Club Wild Sorrel Berry Rum Punch by Patrick Bennett

Now is the part of the review when I would normally go into the history behind this bottle and its contents, but honestly I can’t find a single mention of it online and no one I know has ever tried it. Sooooo… Let’s just skip to the taste.

And how’s it taste? Well, it gets points for having a flavor that almost borders on sorrel-ish. And did I mention it’s 17% alcohol by volume? On the other hand, it’s a bit syrupy for my tastes, but honestly if you’re pouring a bottle of Caribbean Club Wild Sorrel Berry it’s not about the details…

It’s about letting the good times roll!


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