Friday Happy Hour: Trinidad, The Cocktail

As a long time subscriber to the notion that ignorance is bliss, I am particularly hurting today.

As I noted this morning, today is Fantastic Friday; the day when Trinidad’s annual Carnival revelry really begins to kick into high gear. The 24/7 feting, the wining, sweet steelpan, and rum-soaked fun, it’s all about to reach a fever pitch in Port of Spain, and other environs around Trinidad & Tobago, tonight!

And I’m missing it.

I’ve known for weeks that this was likely to happen owing, but I was never fully ready to accept it until today. The sad reality hit me full-force with the earlier “Photo of the Day” post, the sight of a ram-packed Hasely Crawford Stadium, all those bright Digicel thunder sticks and flags filling the air, leaving me in an utter funk for the balance of the day.

To be sure, I need a stiff drink for Friday Happy Hour; one that harkens to the joy of my only Trinidad Carnival experience to-date, while also dulling the pain I feel over missing all the action this year.

Enter Trinidad, the cocktail.

Looks tasty, right? | SBPR
Looks tasty, right? | SBPR

I found her in the Complete World Bartender Guide, a comprehensive tome of all things bartendering and cocktalia, featuring more than 2,500 drink recipes!

The Trinidad is easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

Combine your 1-1/4oz rum (I’m using Angostura 5 from Trinidad, apropos of the occasion), 1-1/4oz dry vermouth, and a dash of bitters (Angostura, of course) in a cocktail glass. Stir gently. That’s it!

Armed with a few of these, I’m sure I’ll manage to enjoy tonight’s Internet broadcast of the Soca Monarchs competition without shedding too many tears.


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