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Hiking Rincon Falls, Trinidad

Limin’ around Maracas Bay, exploring Manzanilla Beach, living it up on Ariapita Avenue, sampling savory roti, reveling in all the wonders of Carnival – I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy quite a nice range of fun in my ancestral home of Trinidad over the past few years. One big thing I’ve missed, though, is hiking… of any kind… anywhere. I guess, for me, the fete and food have been too nice to allow me to stray too far into the wilds. I’m determined to change all this next time I happen to be down Trinidad way. Rincon Waterfall is one reason why. Measuring close to 250 feet in height, it’s the second tallest waterfall in Trinidad. (Maracas Falls towers up to 300 feet!) From what this video by Vimeo user Alexis Chin shows, though, the experience of getting here and cooling out beneath Rincon Falls appears pretty second to none…

Ever make the hike to Rincon Waterfall? Got any tips on how best to enjoy this experience? If so, please let us know in the comment section below…


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