Maracas Bay Beach Sweetness – Wish You Were Here?

How sweet is Maracas Bay Beach? How fantastically fun is it to play among her sands and shallows? Well, the image above should give you a clue. The two kids dashing toward the sea had just been scolded by their Dad. Their crime: venturing a bit too far out into the sea. To soothe the chastising, Dad offered to buy the kids some ice cream. That ice cream cart is as much a part of Maracas’ alluring beach aesthetic as her sublime natural surrounds. You’d think no kid would ever turn down ice cream, like ever, right? My kids certainly wouldn’t when they were that small. Heck, neither would I! For our two young protagonists, though, the glacéed goodness in the cart could not compare to the sweetness of the beach itself. They whizzed past the cart in a blur, the true bliss of Maracas Bay Beach confirmed, at least to me.

Wish you were here…?

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