Taking Center Stage at Trinidad Carnival 2k13: Photo of the Day

It’s your time to wine

Free up yourself, do what you wanna’ do

It’s your time to shine, so shine gyal ’cause di spotlight is on you

Audience participation – it’s the one big difference that separates Trinidad Carnival, and most other West Indian carnivals for that matter, from the famous annual street fetes in Rio and New Orleans.

Oh, you can opt to stay on the sidelines and watch the revelers parade on by in Trinidad just as you’re generally confined to do at Mardi Gras and Rio Carnival, but as soca superstar Machel Montano lays out in his 2013 hit “No Lie,” it’s much more fun to take part in the action…

Gyal take center stage

Show dem you’re brave

The light and the camera that is all for you

When you play mas for Trinidad Carnival, YOU are the star attraction. All eyes, cameras, and a television audience numbering in the millions around the globe are trained on YOU!

Well, you plus the thousands of other masqueraders. Indeed, everyone’s a star during Trinidad Carnival, which truly makes for some wild and raucous fun. When everyone is completely uninhibited, free, more than a little tipsy, and Hell-bent on bringing their own unique brand of sexy back, well, it makes for lots of smiles like the one above.

You make fire blaze, they calling your name

Now time to perform and show them what you can do

Only 165 more days to go before Carnival kicks into high-gear again. Here’s hoping we see you smiling like this on the road in 2014!

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