Saturday Soundtrack: Songs to Help You Celebrate Trinidad & Tobago Independence Day

Our ancestral home country of Trinidad & Tobago is celebrating its 51st Independence Day today and we’re feting right along with them by enjoying some nice Angostura Rum, a little hot and spicy split peas channa, the kiddies portion of the West Indian American Day Carnival in New York City, and a sweet playlist of classic calypso hits.

These aren’t just any random Trini tunes, however. Today’s special soundtrack is all about all the wonderful things that make Trinidad & Tobago one of the sweetest places on earth!

Being the home of soca and calypso, it’s little wonder that T&T is often the subject of many of the Caribbean’s most beloved songs. The 8tracks mix we’ve put together for you today features most of my favorites – from standards like Calypso Rose’s I Thank Thee and Sparrow’s Our Mighty Nation, to more recent hits like Denyse Plummer’s Nah Leaving.

The big highlight for me, though, is the acoustic version of God Bless Our Nation performed by The Mighty Chalkdust. It’s profound and beautifully moving in a way that makes me as proud of my Trini heritage as anything I’ve ever heard.

Give a listen by clicking on the image below and join us in raising a toast to T&T!

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”http://8tracks.com/mixes/2339138″]

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