Saturday Video: Carib Pilsner International Surf Festival 2012

Day 2 Carib International Surf Festival 2011 in Sans Souci, Trinidad

The comical misadventures I enjoyed while surfing (or rather, attempting to surf) during a 2010 trip visit to my Dad’s place opened my eyes as to how big the sport really is in Trinidad & Tobago. Today’s video post opens my eyes even wider… and not just because of all the skimpy bikinis either.

The video showcases the Carib Pilsner International Surf Festival, which by all appearances is a sexy good time where the hot action out on the waves is matched by the sizzling sights and sounds on the shore. The 2011 event featured here attracted local and international pro surfers from the Barbados, Brazil, Jamaica, the United States, Venezuela, and even a few from as far away as Australia!

Surfers compete for cash prizes totaling US$10,000, but they’re not the only ones who can come away from this event with thicker wallets. The bikini contest pays out too, to the tune of US$1,000, and (attn: Patrick) there are even cash prizes for photographers in the categories of Best Action Shot, Best Moment and Best Scenery.

(If you saw this photo essay, then you know my brother can pocket some cash here!)

As the sun sets, the party keeps going with a “Legends Beach Concert” featuring top local artists and dancing amid the sand and surf.

Whether you’re a surfer, bikini babe, photographer, or just someone looking for a good time, the Carib Pilsner International Surf Festival is definitely worth checking out. The 2012 edition will be held May 26-28, with “Break Beach” in San Souci once again playing host.

For more information, click here to check them out on Facebook.

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