Saturday Video: Vat 19 Shows Kraken Rum How it’s Done

Vat 19 Rum - 1987 TTT Commercial

Picking up where we left off yesterday, here’s a classic 1987 TV commercial for Fernandes Vat 19 Rum from Trinidad that shows how a truly proud island rum expresses itself.

Okay, the ad is pretty funny by today’s standards, but Vat 19 is serious about its heritage. Check out this bit of positioning from the brand’s web page:

  • Fernandes “Vat 19” Gold Rum is an accomplishment! It is the rum with which you must celebrate life – a graduation, a new job or a marriage. It was conceived through a mastery of blending with the sole purpose to toast to the rich heritage and passion of the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Bring your friends together, play music that really makes you move, romance your loved one, and drink this rum. You will forge memories that will burn sweetly in the recess of your mind forever. Fernandes “Vat 19” rum is the sprit of celebration; it is the Spirit of Trinidad and Tobago.

The folks at Kraken may have created some of the coolest online videos EVER, but as with their bottle and label, there’s no mention of the rum’s Trini roots – disrespect!

Trinidad, nice; Tobago, sweet… What’s not to like, Kraken?

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