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Deal Of The Week: Save $400 on TCI Private Island Escapes

All travel escapes are not made equal.

No doubt, any trip to the warm, sunny climes of the Caribbean would be most welcome by most anyone just about anytime. Quick, convenient, and reasonably priced air/hotel options to Jamaica, Mexico, the DR, and elsewhere make it easy to get away at a moment’s notice too, which is always nice.

What if, though, you want to go beyond nice; beyond the quick and obvious.

What if your heart is set on something a little less obvious; something a little out of the ordinary; something a little a lot more uncommon.

Something like a private island.

Someplace like Pine Cay.

Remember my accounts of visiting this magical place a couple years ago? Pine Cay and its fantastic Meridian Club property still sweeten my travel dreams, especially during those stressful times when a real escape, a truly complete disconnection from the world, is what I need.

If you’re itching to get away to a private island in 2015, The Meridian Club’s 5-Night Getaway special offer may be for you. The deal will net you savings of $400 on private island stays enjoyed between May 29 and July 15, 2015.

Eligible bookings must be made between March 1 to 30, 2015. For reservations and more information, visit The Meridian Club online.

* The information in this story was accurate at the time of publishing. All rates and specials are subject to change at the travel provider’s discretion.

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