Most All There Is To Do On Long Bay, Turks and Caicos

Long Bay Beach, a broadly smiling and secluded stretch of mostly powder-soft sand extending along the southeast side of Providenciales, is not nearly as buzzing or touristy as the more celebrated resort-lined shores of Grace Bay.

Guest accommodations we encountered here while doing a bit of exploring back in June consisted solely of a collection of private villa rentals. (The Shore Club is located a good ways further east of where we were.)

Available activities, by all accounts, encompassed everything pictured above… and blessedly not much else.

Horseback riding excursions are offered by Provo Ponies, a small stable located in the nearby Long Bay Hills area. Rides are scheduled twice per-day, Monday–Friday, taking you along sandy trails and well into the shallow waters of Long Bay, providing a refreshing respite for both rider and horse.

Kite boarding lessons and rentals are available through a couple different providers, including our friends at Turks & Caicos Kiteboarding, who you may remember from this great package.

Beach strolling with a special someone is, of course, something you’ll have to manage on your own…

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