Cheers to the Conch Man: Photo of the Day

Of all the colorful characters you might encounter on your Caribbean travels, few will cajole, entertain, and leave a more lasting impression than the Conch Man.

Found primarily throughout The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands, these guys extract, cut, clean, and pound our favorite edible snail to the point they can become all the fabulous conch-filled things we love to eat. Food prep is only part of the deal with these guys, though, as every Conch Man I’ve ever met is also just as much a showman and tour guide as he is exotic food expert.

The best do their work quickly and with flair, seemingly expending little or no effort while employing surgical-like skills and expertise passed down through the generations. Share a smile or a beer and your Conch Man will give you the lo-down on the local scene, spin a few yarns from his personal life, and perhaps even pluck out a pistol for you to put its natural Viagra claims to the test.

It’s all part of the fun you’ll generally find around Conch Man characters like Rasta Steve in Exuma or our new buddy “Bones” (pictured above) at Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl in Providenciales.

Know of a great Conch Man we should meet? Drop us a line, or leave a comment below so we can look him up.

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