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Losing Track of Time in TCI: Photo of the Day

What time is it?

I must ask this question a dozen times or more during each day of my Caribbean travels. It’s not because I don’t wear a watch; I do. I also always have my trusty iPhone at my side, and there’s generally no shortage of clocks in the taxis, rental cars, and various hotels, restaurants, and attractions I frequent.

So, what gives? Well… I’m always in a hurry.

Our style of uncommon travel is a lot of things, but it’s never 100% relaxing. We’re always running around eagerly exploring, enjoying, eating, and drinking in as much of the islands as we possibly can.

Like a revved-up kid in a candy store, I tend to arrive in a new destination with an impossible list of things to see and do, only to be sidetracked by my trademark wanderings, the distractions yielding our truest, most authentic stories and experiences.

The same scenario plays out in much the same way everywhere I go, except for the spot pictured above.

That’s The Meridian Club on Pine Cay, Turks & Caicos, a private island paradise so remote, so unspoiled, unhurried, and pristine that for me time literally stood still here.

Now, that’s not to say I didn’t find ways to feed my adventuring wanderlust on Pine Cay during a quick visit in July 2012. (Remember my forbidden bicycle racing on the airport runway?) It’s just that it’s impossible not to surrender to the utter laid-back pace of Pine Cay and the pampering of the great folks at The Meridian Club.

Of all the solo trips I’ve made in the past couple years, my visit to Pine Cay was easily the most relaxing, with the most beach limin’ time and blissfully nothing to do.

No matter how preprogrammed a rigid and disciplined Type-A lifestyle you may lead, you honestly won’t give a second thought to what time it is here, a notion artfully reflected in the one clock I can remember seeing there: the beachy sundial pictured above.

For more on The Meridian Club on Pine Cay, visit them online or check them out on Facebook.

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