Saturday Video: Wet & Wild Winter (Water)Ski Holidays

turks and caicos dolphin waterski

PR and marketing people are generally not the vapid, spineless, morally-challenged masters of spin (read: liars) that most people think they are. I should know, of course, because I am one of them. (See day job here). We don’t all speak out both sides of our mouths, we can (for the most part) spell “ethics,” and we all do have souls… I think.

Sadly, though, these traits don’t apply to all practitioners of my long-beleaguered profession…

Exhibit A: Check out this email I received earlier this week from a UK-based agency that (deep breath!) develops bespoke online marketing strategies focused purely on achieving maximum ROI for our clients, through a holistic approach that fuses search engine optimisation, pay per click marketing, reputation management and social media marketing in order to deliver unbeatable results in raising your brand’s profile, visibility and sales (exhale):

Hi Stephen

Hope you are doing well. My name is (I won’t tell) and I represent a travel tour operator based in the UK that offers ski holidays.

I came across your site and was wondering whether you would be willing to write a blog post about winter and skiing or accept one written by us as I feel your site would be a good fit for my client and vice versa.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please get in touch to discuss further this opportunity to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

I’m going to pause here to give you a chance to finish laughing.

All done? Good.

So yeah, ummm, winter skiing… Caribbean… Hmmm… Not sure how I’m going to tackle that one…

I’m guessing this person hasn’t actually read too much of the fresh, new content we publish here each and every day. Worse yet, he/she either doesn’t know the name of our site, doesn’t know where the Caribbean is, or has no idea that it’s marvelously, amazingly warm there ALL YEAR ROUND!

(And they say we Yanks suck at geography!)

All that being said, we do love receiving fan mail here at Uncommon Caribbean, and we love to make our fans happy, so today’s Saturday Video Post is for our ski holidays PR/marketing friend over there in the UK! I don’t know if the footage was shot during the winter, but it’s uncommon and it involves skiing, so I hope it works for you, whoever you are.

The video showcases pro waterskier, Billy Susi, enjoying a leisurely run in the Turks & Caicos. On the surface, you’d be right in saying there’s nothing too uncommon about that. However, it’s what’s underneath the surface of the water, and Billy, that makes this a special experience worth seeking out next time you’re in Provo – definitely among the coolest dolphin encounters I’ve ever seen!

To enjoy one-of-a-kind water sports adventures like this, click here check out the guys Nautique Sports in Turks & Caicos.

If you’re more keen on that other brand of skiing – you know, on the white and fluffy stuff – you’ll have to look elsewhere…

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