The Best Seat on Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

Many are the “good” seats one can find and enjoy along Grace Bay, the most popular heavenly stretch of sand and generally calm, clear seas on Providenciales, Turks & Caicos.

Resorts, condos, and villa properties all line their particular parcels of the beach with all manner of chaise lounges and umbrellas, beach pods, and hammocks in assorted colors and comfy styles. The seating isn’t nearly as tightly packed as what you might find at some other “most popular” beaches in the region, though.

Thoughtful properties like The Somerset are careful not to make guests feel too crowded, offering just enough chairs arranged in cozy clusters, and always keeping them nicely spread out.

The beach fun for my wife and I started here yesterday under The Somerset’s trademark mustard-yellow beach umbrellas, some fresh fruit, snapper ceviche, plantain chips, and a bit of Bambarra making our first time on Grace Bay together all the more magnificent.

When it came time for a little added seclusion, though, we opted for a short walk to the east, stopping a few minutes later at one of the broad swaths of Grace Bay still blessedly devoid of development. That’s where we found this chair, virtually no one else, and, in turn, ourselves.

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