The Electric Blue Hues of Chalk Sound, Providenciales: Uncommon Attraction

The waters in and around Providenciales, Turks & Caicos simply defy description, their utter beauty defined in large part by their many marvelous shades of blue. There are so many different blues here, in fact, that you might find it hard to believe they’re all natural.

The spectacle plays out all over the island, but nowhere is it more amazing than Chalk Sound.

Located in the southwestern corner of Provo, a stone’s throw from the airport, Chalk Sound is a three-mile-long natural lagoon seasoned with tiny islands, and filled with water so electric, you half expect it to glow at night.

The whole area is nearly 100% landlocked, which makes the clarity of the water and its insane turquoise color all the more unbelievable. I mean, for all intents and purposes, Chalk Sound should look like most any other dark and murky pond, right?

Chalk Sound’s National Park status, which prevents the use of motorized watercraft in these waters, certainly helps to maintain the pristine nature of the place, but there must be more; some sort of magic to achieve the wonders seen here.

If you go, don’t expect a lot of comforts or conveniences. There aren’t any designated look-out points, information signs, or even formal parking areas.

There isn’t a whole lot to do either… besides gazing endlessly at one of the most amazing natural treasures the Caribbean has to offer.

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