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It’s A Dad’s Life at Magens Bay, St. Thomas

Like any dad who’s enjoyed raising his kids near the sea, I’ve come to appreciate the beach WAY MORE in my parenting years than I ever did as a kid.

The therapeutic peace and tranquility are exponentially amplified, of course, after you cede your carefree younger years to daily scolding, schooling, and stressing over your little ones.

The water, more refreshing. The salt air, more crisp. The sun, more salubrious.

Best of all, the beach is the ultimate baby-sitter, providing an endless stream of diversions, thrills, and curiosities for kids to experience.

In the early morning hours on tranquil shores like those found along Magens Bay in St. Thomas, it’s easy to keep your kids under your watchful eyes, allowing the beach to work its magic –– the kids fully entertained, dad completely at ease.

Wish you were here..?

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