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Getting Schooled on Sunsets at UVI, St. Thomas

Remember not so long ago when we had a couple old friends help us put together a quick list of the best spots to enjoy a magical sunset in St. Thomas? Well, as promised at the tail end of the piece, I was determined to take them up on some of their advice when I journeyed to the island back in August.

There was just one problem – the view above.

I found it at the west end of the University of the Virgin Islands St. Thomas campus just above Brewers Bay. Water Island would have to wait.

I sat in the shadow of the UVI Administration and Conference Center marveling at it all… and kicking myself a little.

Like a lot of my old high school classmates, I’d run off to cold and landlocked climes for my college years, never even considering that I could’ve enjoyed this view, and others like it, while earning my degrees.

Life’s too short for regrets, though. And considering my wife works in education and the UVI Faculty Housing is just a few steps from where I was sitting, also directly facing this view, perhaps I’ll get to enjoy it much more often in the not-too-distant future…

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